Wine Tasting Brings 100 Cleveland Bobcats Together!

The 2005 Fall Wine Tasting was held this past October 6th at CoB alumnus Rick Wiedemer and his wife Sue`s home on Lake Rd in Lakewood, Ohio. The main requirement of each attendee was to bring a bottle of wine. Over 100 people turned out to taste each wine, which ranged from Rozi's Wine & Liquor House's finest Chardonnay to Boone's Farm (very classy).

The event was a collaboration between the Cleveland OU Alumni Association and the OU COB Alumni. Special thanks to the Wiedemer's for hosting the event and for Shelley Lieberman for coordinating the planning of the event. Here are some pics from the event:

Happy Hour/ Game Watch Review

Getting alums excited about Ohio football is a little tough—maybe we have too many memories of seasons when the team’s record resembled the name of the band: 1-10. But on September 9th, the first nationally televised game since 1969 brought some of the faithful down to McCarthy’s in the Flats to take in the home opener, throw back a few beers, and toss a few rounds of cornhole.

Oh, and as a bonus, we got to enjoy the musical stylings of The Breakfast Club, a band that covers not just the songs of the ’80s, but the fashions too. (Does Billy Idol know that you raid his wardrobe?)

During the happy hour/gamewatch, alums ran into old friends (and former RAs) and met some new people. We reminisced about the good old days . . . Like, remember that time it snowed so much they cancelled school for a week? That was awesome. And then we had to go to class on Saturday to make up for it? That part sucked.

Between the gabbing and the displays of superior cornhole technique, some of us missed the start of the game. When we made our way to the TV and discovered that the opening kickoff was returned for a TD, it felt just like old times—down by 7 as soon as you turn around. Luckily for us, the defense came through big-time and made it interesting.

Shots of the crowd and the 110 in a spruced-up Peden, plus the footage of the fans at The Pub, just made us jealous, though, since we weren’t in Athens to experience firsthand the crazy win in OT. However, we did get to go home and watch highlights on Sportscenter, and it was cool to get a shout-out in Sports Illustrated this week. Maybe not cool enough to make us order Got Frank! t-shirts from the College Book Store, but still pretty cool.

So, November 21st is our next gamewatch. Mark your calendar, and plan to join us at Harry Buffalo in Lakewood to see OU stomp Miami. It could happen, right?

Getting Ready for Happy Hour/ Gamewatch

It's been a while since we've had an entry on here so I wanted to get you guys updated on the big happy hour/ game watch this friday. It takes place at McCarthy's in the flats.

This one will be pretty cool because the owner has set up a special room just for the Bobcat Alumni and friends. It's their new party room located at the south end of the bar (they opened it up for us for St. Pat's in the Flats). They've agreed to put the OU vs Pitt game on the big screen for us and have beer pong and cornhole set up for us.

The Bobcat football team took a rough loss this past weekend but we are confident they will rebound to outlast the Pitt team this weekend. This is the home opener for the Bobcats and there is sure to be an electric vibe going through Peden Stadium.We look forward to seeing all of you at McCarthy's this friday!

Please let us know if you would like to get involved in the chapter. There are a ton of things that we are planning for next year. Among them we've just announced:

- Night at Playhouse Square: Rent (Feb 11th)
- Night with the Cleveland Cavaliers (April 4 vs Miami)
- 2nd Annual Golf Outing (8-12)

We are also working to establish a scholarship endowment fund for a Cleveland Area Student. Please contact John Sammon at sammon@clevelandbobcats if you would like to get involved.

2005 Cleveland OU Golf Outing

50 Alumni and friends gathered to "swing wrenches" on August 20th at the 2005 Cleveland OU Alumni Golf Outing. The outing was held at Hilliard Lakes Golf Course in Westlake, Ohio. This year's celebrity participant was OU Head Golf Coach Bob Cooley.

Coach Cooley was onhand to help the Bobcats sharpshooters fine tune their swings. Cooley's genius rubbed off on Team Essenmacher and Team Koch who both shot -19 to tie for the first place finish.

Both teams were awarded with gift certificates to the Harry Buffalo and OU golf kits. Prizes were also given away for longest drive and closest to the pin.

Unfortunantly a 5 minute impromptu lesson from Coach Cooley couldn't save us all. Jason Moran (pictured left), a member of Team Sammon, set a course record by losing 8 balls on the first 7 holes. Moran attributed his poor play to his pre-game meal at John's Diner in Lakewood, Ohio.

Overall, we had nothing but positive comments from participants and we are poised to have a bigger and better golf outing next year. We'd like to thank all participants, sponsors, and volunteers who made this year's golf outing a great success!

The OU Alumni Golf Outing Update

The golf outing takes place this Saturday at Hilliard Lakes Golf Course in Westlake, Ohio. Thanks to everyone for their interest in the outing. We've got over 40 people signed up to hack in out in our annual scramble. Special thanks to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Harry Buffalo for sponsoring the outing. Look for an update on how things went next week

This year is kind of a revival for the golf outing which hasn't been done in the last few years. We are planning on having an even bigger and better one next year. If you have any suggestions on where to have it or what OU Celebrities to bring in, throw down a comment or email us at

Thanks again to everyone on the professional development commitee who helped to plan and put this together!


"Avast ye landlubbers!! Me wooden leg is ready and I've a mighty thirst for some grog!" This was one of the many the cries you heard as about 50 Cleveland OU Alumni boarded the Goodtime III on Friday July 29, 2005.

We promptly raided the top deck in search of our buried treasure....most found it at the bar. The alumni aboard the ship enjoyed music, dancing, and seeing Cleveland’s skyline from Lake Erie (but as a sidenote did not enjoy the view of an elderly couple making out on the second deck).

Overall, it was a great way to unwind after work and enjoy the beautiful summer weather with both new and old Bobcat friends of all ages. After the cruise, we moved the party to W. 6th where we enjoyed a burrito from Burrito Loco and partied the night away on the roof of the Velvet Dog.

Welcome to the Cleveland OU Alumni Events Blog !

This goal of this blog is to keep all of you updated on our upcoming and past events. We will write updates and post pictures on our events as well as keep you updated on what we are planning.

The advantage for you is that you can post your feedback on the different events and provide suggestions for futher events (without necessarily showing up at a meeting). That being said here's a fun recap of the Greenery Event that took place on April 24, 2005. It will be published in the upcoming College Gate Newsletter:

Over 650 Alumni “Return to the Greenery”
By John Sammon

Surely almost all OU Alumni can remember what some may consider the saddest day of the year 2000. The day thousands of students (primarily freshman) filled Court Street donning their black sludge stained pants and raising their red party cups in salute to the Greenery. Okay so maybe that didn’t happen. A
nd maybe as a result of this closing, you had a laugh knowing that the freshman would now resolve to fight the townies for a lane at Rollerbowl (picture the fight scene from Braveheart).

But almost every student that attended OU in the 80’s and 90’s had a story about the Greenery, a bar/ dance club that is now The Blue Gator. For those Greater Cleveland Alumni who didn’t make it to the Greenery, picture the Beachclub, decrease the size by 80 percent, put mirrors on the walls and add the rowdiness of Animal House. The Cleveland OU Alumni Association knew it was still dear to people’s hearts and decided to bring it back for a night.

The “Return to the Greenery” night was held April 30th at Traffic Night Club in the historic Warehouse District of Downtown Cleveland. We were overwhelmed by the Alumni and friend’s turnout! Over 650 people came out from all parts of the country to relive the days of Brainstompers, sludge soaked floors, mirror walls, test tube shots, funk stained windows, and greasy green stamps.

The event was so successful that we plan to make the “Return to the Greenery” an annual event. Thanks to all Alumni and friends of Alumni that turned out for the event. We look forward to all of you “Return-ing” next year.